Project 'Clear Tunes' : Complete

I was planning to install my new stereo this morning while it was still cool out. So in order to ensure I could do that I had to solder a couple wiring harnesses to the harness that came with my deck.

Stereo installation image - 01

This whole process took me a couple hours. The last time I did any soldering was in Jr High, on stained glass, with proper tools. When I began I figured I could just use a cigar lighter, heat up the wires, and apply the solder. Wrong. The wires (and the lighter) had no problem heating up (I have roughened fingertips to prove that), but the heat wasn't sustained long enough to melt the solder. So I switched my whole approach around.

I forgot I had the stick lighter you see above, but boy did it come in handy. After I rigged up my own little 'helping hands' system (with some clamps and close pins) I was set. Stripping the wires turned out to be a bitch too, but after I figured out the setup above, things moved a lot quicker. I didn't take any pictures, but I did use heat-shrink tubing to protect all my connections.

By the time I got all this done, it was pretty close to 1am. Didn't even realize how late it was, got in to one of my work modes, and the hours just rolled. Anyway. I really wanted to see if all my connections were good, and if I wasted my Friday night. Before I headed out the door, I stopped, thought to myself "aw fuck it, if I'm going out there, taking out my old stereo and plugging in the new one, I might as well install the whole thing". So I did.

Stereo installation image - 02

Here's the old crappy deck.

Stereo installation image - 03

The sound clarity & quality is a hundred times better now. I originally thought that I was gonna have to replace the speakers also, but it turns out I've got a good set of Boss speakers, and now matched with my new Boss deck, I'm sittin' pretty.

One thing I noticed last night while testing everything out, was that when I switched modes, from radio to DVD or Aux, it would keep saying that I can't drive and watch stuff. Turns out it was cuz I didn't ground the 'parking brake' wire. In the manual it basically said 'when wiring your deck, splice the 'parking brake' wire to some wire on the parking brake'. It's an understandable safety feature, but if I had a parking brake wire somewhere, I had no idea of how to get to it. So I didn't bother with that wire and thought to myself "when will I watch a DVD in my car".

I woke up this morning and started to re-think my previous thoughts. I paid for the whole thing, I wanna use the whole thing. So I Googled how to bypass that whole security feature. Turns out, all I had to do was wire it to my stereo ground. That meant I had to take the whole thing out again, cut and splice those wires, and re-install. I did, and 15 sweaty minutes later.

Stereo installation image - 04

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