Our tax dollars at work

So I was takin' a stroll up to the Rose Garden. And there was this fire truck parked on the side of the road, and 3 firefighters huddled around a fire hydrant. One guy was trying to open the hydrant from the top... or something, I dunno really, he had some kind of wrench around the top nut. And the other two guys were just standin' around eggin' him on, yuh know, "twist it harder" "oh you can't get it", etc. Well as I was walking by, there was this loud pop, and the firefighters got quite. Then the two guys were like "way to go, you broke it" "you weren't listening, we told you to take it off not brake it", and the guy with the wrench was just "but I was just twisting it".

It was like I was watching the PFD's version of the three stooges or something.

What Dis?

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