My first drug test: by Trevor Lemon

Today I had to go to a place called LabCorp in the far off land of Westur Linnd. I had to mount many slow Trimet-uh-sahrus' during my journey. On the first I met a large Indian who was kind enough to show me a shortcut, if I had heeded the advice of the robot that gave me my original instructions, my sand may have run out. After some time, and un-mounting my second steed in the Lake of O, I began the final leg of my journey. I saw the Webb that was spoken of on my map and lept from my four legged transpo. This must've angered the gods, because where there was once sun, now was only rain.

Once I regained my bearings, I headed east. After I was sufficiently soaked, I finally found residence at my destination. I entered, and with a glance from the maid at the counter, I was prompted to go down to the depths of the laboratory. The next part of my quest was not going to be as easy as I'd thought. I had not eaten or consumed much water before I departed. And before I was allowed to leave I had to fill a cup to a drawn line. Now the spirit was willing, but the body was just not able at that time.

Whilst I consumed my 6 goblets of water, 2 more seekers of employ came and went. The first came, delivered the scroll of his master, and exclaimed "I am ready for your test". He entered the chamber, and within a fraction of the suns rotation was on his way. The second was doing a dance of some kind, I'm guessing it was to please his god and bring rain to his unders. He entered the chamber, finished, and the decider of fate determined him 'not worthy', he was disposed of. My chance was approaching, I tried a variation of the dance I saw the fellow before me doing.. then, I knew it was my time. "Bring me thine cup" I bellowed. Without hesitation, I filled the container like a freshly tapped ale, and with froth I might add.

All that lay in front of me was the journey back, and for word to reach my master of my passing. But that is a tale for another time.

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