Ok, so I've got another McD thing. I was sortin' through some crap the other day, prepping to move. Anyway, came across this thing I cut off a McD's cup bout 4 years ago. I know, little weird, who keeps something like that, well I just had to have proof of something like this.

So like I said, bout 4 years ago, me and some friends were eating lunch and one of my friends looked at my cup and was like, "hmm, does that look wierd to you?", I looked at it... "I dunno". And he was like, "it looks like the fries are raping the coke". I looked at it again, "holy shit, you're right".

And we had a good conversation about it, and as you can see, there's an exclamation after the "aahhh", if it was a nice calm "ahhh" (like you'd have with a delighted sigh of enjoyment) then no rape, but there's an exclamation, and it doesn't look like the bottle's having fun, it's being pushed over and held onto by the evil red fries... mmm delicious fries... but yeh, rape.

Rapey McDonalds cup

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