Kels Tyler

I met up with an old friend from work for lunch to talk a little business and just catch up in general. After eating, talking, and saying our goodbyes I started to get that itch to draw. So when I got home I came up with this. Kelsey is her, and Tyler's her kid.

Lets see if I can explain a little about this. She's a job scout, and I was meeting up with her to see if she had any potential prospects (hence the money sign for the 'S'). Then at the base of the 'S' is the Columbia logo. Can't remember why, but I think it's cuz we were both wearing Columbia jackets and that was a talking point... The Xmas tree cuz it was Christmas time and I felt like drawing one. And her kids name is a dinosaur, cuz ... I think her kid liked to go around acting like one.. like roaring and attacking and stuff, and she liked the Land Before Time movies. I basically like to incorporate as much random shit into my drawings as I can.

What Dis?

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