It's like ray-e-ane on a sunny day

Ok, so this is a little belated, but the day after I saw the beaver petting lady, I had to go back downtown. And it was during the Race for the Cure (the race supporting the cure for Cancer, for those who didn't know). Well I dunno if they were just handing out shirts to people or what. Cuz I saw people waiting for the max (like they were gonna ride to the finish line), and one dude standing around smoking. Now I dunno bout you, but wearing a "cure Cancer" shirt and smoking just seems... moronic, contradictory? So I got to thinking, maybe this guy is racing for the cure, so that when the day arises that he finally gets cancer from smoking, they'll finally have a cure... or maybe he stole it off another racer.... if anybody else has any theories, feel free to share.


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