In case I wake up with a tree in me

I was just minding my own business working on a website when rumble ka-boom! I sit there for a second, get up and go look out my kitchen window, and there's now a tree laying down outside with branches all over the place. I go look around and it took out a small part of the building, nothing important, yet.

So I called the emergency number for our complex. Asked the guy if they could get someone over here to look at the other numerous large trees that surround my apt. I get a call back about 5 minutes later..

Guy - The tree looks ok.

Me - .. ok.. did they look at the other trees? I'm not worried about the tree that's lying on the ground already, I'm worried about it's friends that are still standing around my apt.

Guy - Everything's ok, don't worry.

Me - ... did they look at the other trees or not?

Guy - Everything's ok, don't worry. Someone will be there in the morning to look at everything.

Me - .. riiight. So you're tellin' me to not worry about having a tree impale or crush me in my sleep?

Guy - Err, yeah, don't worry.

So in case I'm not heard from ever again, you know why.. I was attacked and eaten by bears.

Falling trees image - 1

Falling trees image - 2

Falling trees image - 3


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