Glass (self portrait)

This was a fun piece to work on. I wanted to make something with my sig so I just started sketchin' and came up with this.

After that I decided I wanted to paint it as well. I wanted to try something different with this piece though. So I found a good picture of some cardboard, and threw that in as the background.

After about a month I was finally able to get back to this thing but my portrait had changed a bit. So I gave myself a shave in PS and also fixed a couple little things that were bothering me about the original sketch.

I wanted it to look like I actually drew/painted on the cardboard so I tried to keep things pretty loose and if I made a mistake I tried to paint over it much like I would in real life. When I got to a point that I could call this done I decided to add the shadow for the arm to pop it out of the cardboard a little, give it a little surrealism.

What Dis?

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