Fourth of Jule-Eye

Ok, so I lived downtown for about 6 years, and have lived in Tualatin for almost 3..4, years? And during my time in the Portland area I've never gone to see the fireworks on the waterfront. That changed tonight, and it was a fun experience. And no, not cuz of the exploz-zion-ays.

I spent most of the afternoon hangin' out with my friends Adam and Derrick grillin up some food on a Hibachi and watching Crank 2. That movie should be watched with a group of sarcastic friends, it was fucking hilarious. After the movie we went and parked downtown.

Once we got down there the weather had cooled to a perfect temperature. The past couple days had been in the 90's, this afternoon was no different. But as night rolled around it actually got cooler, I'm guessing 70's. Perfect strolling weather. When we got to the waterfront it was packed with people, but not that 'cows moving through a coral' packed; it was just right.

After walking around for a while we decided to head back up the waterfront (south). And on our trek back up we stopped to watch the guys that play the buckets; I love those guys. This is where it gets good. As they were playing a B-boy jumped in and started popping. After he was done another jumped in, and so on. This went on for maybe 30-45 minutes, it was great. There were all sorts of styles, even this cute little black girl (maybe 4 or 5) just bouncin' up and down right in the center of it all, with everyone clappin and cheering her on.

So, when the guys finally decided to wrap it up they started passin' the bucket around. And I'm not a generous guy when it comes to cash, but these guys deserved it, so I naturally had to throw some bills there way.

The fireworks were nice and all, but after almost 28 years of fireworks it was nice to see something new. Between the crowd and the talent, it was a great time.


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