Colonial Viper Mark II

Updated : 2006-10-05

Got the back gear set up and looking good. I ended up re-modeling the back gear hatches, and re-rigging the back legs.. had to do that twice cuz of Max's funky mirroring of bones and constraints. Anyway, that's done, yay.

Updated : 2006-09-29

So the back landing gear is built and rigged, but I don't like the way it looks at the moment. The front is smooth and functions how I picture it would if it were real.. the back on the other hand is not, so I think I'm gonna have to redo the rigging set up. The landing gear is one of the things they don't really show any of, so I'm kinda wingin' it.

Colonial Viper Mark II image - 08

Updated : 2006-09-29

Got the front landing gear built and rigged. Animated the retraction and it looks smooth, me sleepy, gonna leave the back for tomorrow.

Colonial Viper Mark II image - 07

Updated : 2006-09-27

Mmkay, rebuilt the gun a bit, fattened er up and built the insides of the barrel. Turned out to kinda be a bitch due to the coregated area at the back of the gun. Holes + small area to work = boring and tedious. Also built the interior of the cockpit, tightened up some seams, and threw in some splines for landing gear placement.

Colonial Viper Mark II image - 06

Updated : 2006-09-26

More tweaks. Fixed the bottom of the wing, brought the bottom of the ship up (had a bit of a belly), and capped some of the holes.

Colonial Viper Mark II image - 05

Updated : 2006-09-26

Alright, time for some tweaking and some smoothing groups. So I cleaned up some bits at the top of the wing where the gun rests. Added the compartment for the back landing gear. And broke up everything into seperate smoothing groups for that smooth sanded down look. I'm not gonna touch the engines til I get back there.

Colonial Viper Mark II image - 04

Updated : 2006-09-25

Ok, so a bit of a jump in progress here, just fell into the groove & knocked out the rest of the body. The gun's a bit high-poly at the moment, was hoping to make this a low-poly project, but what the hell, I was having fun with it.

Colonial Viper Mark II image - 03

Updated : 2006-09-23

Started building the skin over the splines. I'm definetely happy about choosing to start out with splines this time around. I usually go the box modeling route, but this ship is basically one piece, and if I went the box modeling route then I'd have to do a little more thinking than usual trying to fit all these irregular shapes together.

Colonial Viper Mark II image - 02

Posted : 2006-09-22

So I'm diggin' Battlestar Gallactica at the moment, thought I'd model a Viper. I decided to go a different route modeling wise this time, and opted to do the base layout in splines this time. It's been a while, but I'm happy with the way it came out.

Colonial Viper Mark II image - 01

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