Chalk It Up

Ok, so I did Chalk it Up:for Literacy last year and didn't get any pictures. This year I did this..

Chalk it Up image - 01

It's the Tree of Knowledge. Last year I didn't really put much thought into what I did, so I did this year. If you don't know what the ToK is, look it up. So a quick explanation. The bottom is a an empty apple seed, the text that looks like an "S" is actually 'read'. The top is symbolic of the snake, and if you flip it over, you'll see that the red outline's an apple. I sketched up and painted the image on the night before, I might go back some day and clean it up, kinda liked the idea.

Now, time for a surreal story. So I was sketching out my peice, when I turn around, and standing right behind me is this guy..

Chalk it Up image - 02

PIG MAN! Needless to say, I was kinda creeped out. He hovered around us most of the time. Then there was this little boy that popped up at the end of our station, and started playing some horrible violin. It was right out of a Charles Dickens novel or something, all he needed was an accent and some mittens with holes at the fingers. Then there was a dude walking around with a python, and a security guard on a Segway. It felt like I was in a David Lynch film or something.

Oh, and when 4 rolled around and we finished up our pieces, somebody spilled something on my board. 6 hours of work down duh hole, oddly, after the weirdness, a nice sunburn, and some hunger, I just didn't care.

Now this might come across in a bad way, I'm just recounting my day. All in all, the day was alright.

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