Belts, Hoses, & WHIPs

So it's been a loooonngg time since I've written, but I think this is a worthy reason to start again. I've been working hard, and saving my money for a while now. So to all my friends that I haven't told yet, I bought a car. I've actually had it since the end of April, but I've been getting work done. Drum roll pleez...

Customized 2002 Volvo image - whip

It's a 2002 Volvo S40 V6 Turbo. And she's muh pretty widdle baybee, yes shee izz. So far I've had a little engine work, tinted the windows, new wheels, tires, & brakes. I still have a little more work planned, and I'll post pictures once I've done it.

Customized 2002 Volvo image - 02a


What Dis?

My name's Trevor Lemon, and this is my blog. I'll try to update it with whatever I'm working on, random thoughts, links to shit I think is cool; whatever I deem worthy I suppose.

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