6 Degrees of Alicia Keys

Ok, so this is one of those random life occurrences. Every morning (unless I'm under some kind of deadline), I get up, dick around on the internet, then start my day (shower, food, work). Well one of the 'dicking around' sites I frequent is DeviantArt. I have a set of artists I've added to my 'watch' list, and like to keep up with. Well, Alvin Lee posted this in his blog area.

6 Degrees of Alicia Keys image - AlvinLee_post

I was like "wow, Alicia Keys, that's pretty cool". Then I went through the back-and-forth with myself "you should submit something | nah, there's gonna be so many talented artists submitting | aww fuck it, just send some links off"

So I sent some links to some finished illustrations along with some links to sketches so they could get an idea of my style/range. Well, about a couple hours later, a mail pops up in my inbox, and it's from AKW. I was like "wtf"!? Here's what I received.

6 Degrees of Alicia Keys image - email

At first I was like "holy shit, that was fast, 5 outta 600, wow!". Then the pessimist in me crawls to the surface "that was too fast, how could they have chosen me out of 600 in just a couple hours". I wanted to check some stuff out before I start sending out personal info. I go to ak-worldwide.com and there's just this landing page (with this lame animation that I didn't really think symbolized the brand name). I then read up some more on the company and eventually decided that this was on the up-and-up. So I replied with a good time to reach me and waited to see where this whole thing would go.

A couple days later I end up getting a mail saying when they wanted to call me for the interview. In the mean time I kept thinking of that animation on the landing page. So I decided to redo it how I thought it should be. I figured that if I didn't get the illustration job I'd at least maybe have a shot with some future web work.

I received my interview call when they said they'd call, and after the customary greetings I was told that they had found an illustrator through another source. I had already anticipated this (always be prepared kiddys), and during the remainder of our call he mentioned that he looked through my site and he was impressed by the different stuff I've done. I took that opportunity to mention that visited their site and had a new idea for the logo animation. He said to send it their way. I did, and a couple days later they said they loved it, and wanted it on the site. It's up now, so I thought I'd post my random semi-encounter with Alicia Keys.

For more information on the logo animation I did you can check out this post.

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