Bachelor Lesson : Homemade Pizza, From the Doe Up

I've always loved pizza, who doesn't really? You got bread, sauce, cheese, and meat. It's basically a sandwich in triangular form. Sadly though, my diet has fallen under the 'open up the box, and throw it in the oven' routine. Hey, tis the way of the bachelor. But after visiting my mom over the holidays and eating a weeks worth of mostly homemade foods my body & mind were like "shit dude, this stuff's pretty good", and subsequently "shit dude, we could do this.. erm, me thinks so".

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Alyssa & Ian get hitched

So after all the photography and such that I've done at MB shows I was asked to video tape their wedding. I said yes.. then asked to borrow a camera from a friend cuz I didn't have one. The wedding was held up at the Rose Gardens (plural, not the arena), and it went pretty well minus a flub or two from the pastor.

The reception was really fun though. There was some really good food, dancing, and karaoke. I'd never done karaoke before so I thought I'd go for it this time. Ended up singing AC/DC's - TNT. Now I wouldn't say I did well, but I held my own. Especially considering that almost everyone there had some kind of musical background. It wasn't like sitting through some drunken karaoke night, there were some caliber performances. I was especially impressed with Ian's sisters rendition of Janis Joplin's - Piece of my Heart, she was amazing.

Wedding image - 01

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Fourth of Jule-Eye

Ok, so I lived downtown for about 6 years, and have lived in Tualatin for almost 3..4, years? And during my time in the Portland area I've never gone to see the fireworks on the waterfront. That changed tonight, and it was a fun experience. And no, not cuz of the exploz-zion-ays.

I spent most of the afternoon hangin' out with my friends Adam and Derrick grillin up some food on a Hibachi and watching Crank 2. That movie should be watched with a group of sarcastic friends, it was fucking hilarious. After the movie we went and parked downtown.

Once we got down there the weather had cooled to a perfect temperature. The past couple days had been in the 90's, this afternoon was no different. But as night rolled around it actually got cooler, I'm guessing 70's. Perfect strolling weather. When we got to the waterfront it was packed with people, but not that 'cows moving through a coral' packed; it was just right.


Starting to question my neighborhood

Ok, so I was going through the normal prep before bed (aka dickin' around on the internetz). Then suddenly I start hearing some rabid barking and screaming. First thought that rolls through the noggin' "Did I leave my TV on.. or did it come on by itself.." On my way to check if my TV was possessed by poltergeists I noticed the sound was coming from my front window. I go to my window and there's a fucking drug bust going on outside. One dog unit (man + dog) and 4 police. There was one guy on his stomach in front of my window with a back pack out to the side of him and another guy crying behind the steps, also in front of my window. I couldn't see the crying guy but I sure as hell could hear him.


Kyokos B-day

My friends wife Kyoko had her birthday the other day, and Evan (the for-mentioned friend) wanted her to stay out of the kitchen and let him handle everything. I know how long prepping food can take and I wasn't doing anything so I offered to swing by early and help out. It was a fun day, here some pics.

Evan's instructing me on something.

Kyokos Birthday image - 01


Nerd Memorium

Hello my friends, and thank you for gathering here today. I found out today that a dear friend whom I've known for 3 years fell into a coma around 1:30AM last night. I was informed of his state late this afternoon and had to make the decision to terminate. Rest in Peace my dear friend, my dear dear modem.

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