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Posted : 2006-11-30

I've been getting packages in for the past week, and today I finally got the last ones, yuss!

DIY Computer image - 01a DIY Computer image - 01b

1 computer tool kit, 2 RAM dust gaurds, 3 Main DVD rom, 4 Secondary (cheaper) DVD rom, 5 CPU-AMD 64x2

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Bens Tat

A friend I've had for a long time now asked me to come up with a tattoo for him that looked like his arm was torn open and there were cybernetics beneath the skin, and also if I could incorporate a Lily and a Rose (the names of his daughters). At first I was like "uhh, errr, I dunno". But after some thought I came up with the idea that the flowers would be growing out of the torn hole. Makes sense when you think about it, his girls came from his blood, so the flowers are sprouting from inside of the machine.

I had him take measurements of the area on his arm where he wanted it. I then drew up that size on some paper and got to work. I scanned the line art in and painted it up. He has both the line-art and color.

There's no place I can be ... Since I found ...

I recently finished watching the first (and only) season of Firefly again and was curious as to what the cast was up to. One thing led to another and somehow I went from IMDB to Google to a site that had some Lightwave tutorials on how to build the Serenity. These tutorials are great reference on all the parts of the ship, but I use 3DS Max for my 3D work, and Max doesn't like Booleans too much. Frankly I don't either, they make for a messy mesh. I bring this up because the guy who made the tutorials tends to use Booleans for every other step.

So I'm gradually working my way through the tuts building one section at a time, but it's taking a while due to not taking the shortcuts of Boolean. And since I'm building this thing from the ground up I'm making a few modifications along the way. You diehard fans out there may be able to spot the differences, but I make the changes outta love and the belief that they make for a better ship.

The Reactor

Jan. 19 - 28 - Didn't work on it every day. The days I did work on it, the hours ranged from 2-6 hours of work.

Serenity model image - 01 Serenity model image - 02 Serenity model image - 03 Serenity model image - 04 Serenity model image - 04b

Fuck You Can, I Am Man!

Ok, so I've been packing, trashing, and storage-ing(?) my shit for about a week now. I had everything fairly well planned out until today. The night before I finally got my whole kitchen packed. And I mean packed, it was like Tetris but with canned goods and kitchen wares.

So my plan for food during the move was real basic. Tuna fish sandwiches. You got meat and bread, what else do you need. Well apparently, a can opener you fuck tard.

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Lilac Trail

Ok, so a couple weeks back I saw a post with this project on it. I'm not really a cross-stitch person, but this was too cool to pass up. I ended making it at about half scale since I couldn't find the right gauge fabric, I made a few other changes as well. Here it is all finished, now I just have to figure out how to frame it.

Lilac Trail

And if any of you feel inspired, here's a link where you can find the plans to make your own.


Feb. 02 - I forgot to post the completed project so here it is. I ended up buying a handheld matte cutter and mounted this along with another piece I had (non-cross stitch).

Lilac Trail framed

FIRST : 3-D Movie

So I finally got around to seeing Avatar. I was waiting for the crowds to die down a bit, but surprisingly, even on a Wednesday evening the theater was packed. At least the top half anyway, who really sits in the bottom rows unless they really have to right?

This was my first time watching a movie in 3-D, and I'm glad I waited until this movie to do so. It took a little while for my brain to adjust to the fact that when I looked at something in the foreground that no matter how hard my eyes tried they weren't going to focus. I'm glad that it wasn't filled with gimmicky effects either. You know, blatantly throwing things out towards the audience. There was none of that "it's in 3-D, so we'd better be using it constantly". Everything was fairly passive so as to let the audience really sink into this beautiful environment.

I remember there were a few instances where I was like "whoah, ha, that was just the movie". For example when a character would walk into frame from the foreground or around the end there was some chanting and their hands and arms were raised into the air. I almost told the people in front of me to "sit down" or "put your hands down". It was a great movie, and a lot of fun to watch. The price tag's a bit steep, but if you're ever going to see a 3-D movie, go check out Avatar.

Oh, and for 12 bucks, I sure as fuck kept my glasses

Skull with shades

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