Dell Inspiron 1521 Disassembly

My laptop has been slowing down for a while, feeling warmer than usual, and I thought I smelled something burning the other day. So I decided to take it apart and do some routine maintanance. After I took the whole thing apart I found that there was a lot of dust and build up on the internal fan. Also most of the thermal paste had .. I dunno, evaporated? So anyway, I cleaned her up, put on some new paste for the CPU and she's running like she used to.

Dell Inspiron 1521 Disassembly image 01

Florence & the Machine: at the Edgefield

Me and muh lady went to the Florence & the Machine concert at the Edgefield. Apparently you have to get there WAY early and just sit in line until they open the gates, they once inside you get to wait some more. For me it ended up being worth the wait, unfortunately for my (short) lady she had a hard time seeing over all the jerks that pushed there way in front of us. At least I was able to get some pics and video.

Florence & the Machine at the Edgefield image 01

Florence & the Machine at the Edgefield image 02

Florence & the Machine at the Edgefield image 03

4th of July & B-Day

Went to Long Beach for the 4th of July and my Birthday

4th of July and birthday image 01

4th of July and birthday image 02

4th of July and birthday image 03

Long Beach

This was the first road trip / vacation / visit up to Long Beach Washington with my new girlfriend. We brought her pugs Ugmo and Keeli, and basically just chilled and wondered around town and the beach.

Long Beach image 01

Long Beach image 02

Beach, Life, Vacation

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

My girlfriend's friend had scavenger hunt for his birthday. We basically had a list of things we had to get pictures of ourselves doing around the Portland area. It was a fun day.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt image 01

Day at the Beach

Went to the beach to hang out with a friend. I didn't get a lot of pictures but here are a couple of keepers.

Day at the beach image - sign

I've never seen so many variations of Twinkies.

Day at the beach image - twinkies

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