Nerd Memorium

Hello my friends, and thank you for gathering here today. I found out today that a dear friend whom I've known for 3 years fell into a coma around 1:30AM last night. I was informed of his state late this afternoon and had to make the decision to terminate. Rest in Peace my dear friend, my dear dear modem.

RIP modem


Nico Vega (at the Doug Fir Lounge)

So I somehow heard one of Nico Vegas songs and decided to look them up. Found some vids on youtube and really liked their energy. Did some more digging and found that they were going to be having a concert, so I hit up some friends to see if they'd want to go, and they did. While at the show we found out that Aja's parents were in the audience, and then I realized she was from Eugene.. Portland, ok, I can't remember exactly, but she's a local girl, pretty cool. Here are some pics, a vid that I'm kickin' myself for cutting too short.

Nico Vega at the Doug Fir Lounge image - 01

Glass (self portrait)

This was a fun piece to work on. I wanted to make something with my sig so I just started sketchin' and came up with this.

After that I decided I wanted to paint it as well. I wanted to try something different with this piece though. So I found a good picture of some cardboard, and threw that in as the background.

After about a month I was finally able to get back to this thing but my portrait had changed a bit. So I gave myself a shave in PS and also fixed a couple little things that were bothering me about the original sketch.

I wanted it to look like I actually drew/painted on the cardboard so I tried to keep things pretty loose and if I made a mistake I tried to paint over it much like I would in real life. When I got to a point that I could call this done I decided to add the shadow for the arm to pop it out of the cardboard a little, give it a little surrealism.

What Dis?

My name's Trevor Lemon, and this is my blog. I'll try to update it with whatever I'm working on, random thoughts, links to shit I think is cool; whatever I deem worthy I suppose.

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