Starting to question my neighborhood

Ok, so I was going through the normal prep before bed (aka dickin' around on the internetz). Then suddenly I start hearing some rabid barking and screaming. First thought that rolls through the noggin' "Did I leave my TV on.. or did it come on by itself.." On my way to check if my TV was possessed by poltergeists I noticed the sound was coming from my front window. I go to my window and there's a fucking drug bust going on outside. One dog unit (man + dog) and 4 police. There was one guy on his stomach in front of my window with a back pack out to the side of him and another guy crying behind the steps, also in front of my window. I couldn't see the crying guy but I sure as hell could hear him.


Kyokos B-day

My friends wife Kyoko had her birthday the other day, and Evan (the for-mentioned friend) wanted her to stay out of the kitchen and let him handle everything. I know how long prepping food can take and I wasn't doing anything so I offered to swing by early and help out. It was a fun day, here some pics.

Evan's instructing me on something.

Kyokos Birthday image - 01


What Dis?

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