Beacon Rock

So I've been in the mood to get out lately, drive my car, enjoy the sun. And we have this small group of people that go on walks during lunch at work and the subject came up of a group that goes on hikes from time to time. Me and Jen, one of my co-workers thought that'd be cool so we went to the one at Beacon Rock (way the F out in Washington), pretty decent drive from Tualatin.

After the hike there was a BBQ at one of our co-workers house. Nothing better than working up an appetite and then getting some grub. Note to self, in the future wear sun screen if you're gonna be out all day. I was a lobster for the next week.

Welcome.. to zuh rock.

Beacon Rock hike image - 01

Project 'Clear Tunes' : Complete

I was planning to install my new stereo this morning while it was still cool out. So in order to ensure I could do that I had to solder a couple wiring harnesses to the harness that came with my deck.

Stereo installation image - 01

This whole process took me a couple hours. The last time I did any soldering was in Jr High, on stained glass, with proper tools. When I began I figured I could just use a cigar lighter, heat up the wires, and apply the solder. Wrong. The wires (and the lighter) had no problem heating up (I have roughened fingertips to prove that), but the heat wasn't sustained long enough to melt the solder. So I switched my whole approach around.

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Belts, Hoses, & WHIPs

So it's been a loooonngg time since I've written, but I think this is a worthy reason to start again. I've been working hard, and saving my money for a while now. So to all my friends that I haven't told yet, I bought a car. I've actually had it since the end of April, but I've been getting work done. Drum roll pleez...

Customized 2002 Volvo image - whip

It's a 2002 Volvo S40 V6 Turbo. And she's muh pretty widdle baybee, yes shee izz. So far I've had a little engine work, tinted the windows, new wheels, tires, & brakes. I still have a little more work planned, and I'll post pictures once I've done it.

Customized 2002 Volvo image - 02a


What Dis?

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