Megans Wedding

Kind of a funny story. We were all out celebrating a birthday. And an old friend from high school was there (Megan). She was going to be getting married soon, and this was the first I heard about it, so I gave her a bunch of shit like "I'll be expecting my invitation". Then she told me she hadn't invited me cuz I didn't have a car. In all honesty I appreciated that, it sucks to get invited to something and you have to turn the invite down cuz you can't get there. Anyway, I didn't tell her that, I let the shit giving continue.

So I was like "Really? My cars parked right out there.". She was like "whuh? no way, since when". Told her I'd had it for about a month. Then she promptly invited me. It's funny how life works out sometimes. Here's some of the pics.

Where it all went down.

Megans Wedding image - 01

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