Nuthuh one of lifes milestones

Ok, so I went to the Burg for a couple days. Finally escaped Tualatin on Christmas afternoon, FU snow, mwah ha ha. Any way, I was on my way back today and I was stopped by this nice gentleman that had a car with these pretty lights on top of his car (I guess he's one of those that keeps his Xmas decorations up for a while). And I guess I've been invited to Willy Wonkas factory!

I hit the first in a long line of speed trackers up to Portland, and even though it was my first offense the dude couldn't let me off cuz I was going to fast. I'll have to find out just how fast you can go over the limit for them to let you off.. for other's.. cuz I'm not gonna do it again.


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Snow Day

So this started out all well and good, then "the biggest snow storm in 7 years" happened. Right before Christmas, right before I was supposed to drive down home. Ohhh Oregon, you trixter you. In the beginning of these pics I was happy, then slowly I got the cabin fever, and decided to dig my car out and the wall of snow behind it so I could drive home to my moms on Christmas day. On the brightside, there was barely any traffic, so after I got outta the sludge that surrounded Portland/Salem it was smooth sailing. I slept like a rock that night.

Snow Angel

Snow Day image - 01

Sketchbook 2008

So I spent a lot of time riding back and forth from home to work & work to home over the last year. That leaves me with about 3 hours a day that I've gotta keep myself busy with. When it's not raining out or I feel the urge come over me, I break my sketchbook out. And trust me, if there's anything that'll loosen up your style, it's trying to draw on a crowded bumpy bus. Plus if you can ink on a bus, you can ink anywhere.

Aside from keeping my mind busy, I like to use my sketchbook as a sort of journal of the people or strange things that I see during my rides. Trust me, you ride long enough you see some stuff. Here are some of the pages I liked the most.

2008-12-17 015 thumb

2008-12-17 018 thumb

In case I wake up with a tree in me

I was just minding my own business working on a website when rumble ka-boom! I sit there for a second, get up and go look out my kitchen window, and there's now a tree laying down outside with branches all over the place. I go look around and it took out a small part of the building, nothing important, yet.

So I called the emergency number for our complex. Asked the guy if they could get someone over here to look at the other numerous large trees that surround my apt. I get a call back about 5 minutes later..


Kels Tyler

I met up with an old friend from work for lunch to talk a little business and just catch up in general. After eating, talking, and saying our goodbyes I started to get that itch to draw. So when I got home I came up with this. Kelsey is her, and Tyler's her kid.

Lets see if I can explain a little about this. She's a job scout, and I was meeting up with her to see if she had any potential prospects (hence the money sign for the 'S'). Then at the base of the 'S' is the Columbia logo. Can't remember why, but I think it's cuz we were both wearing Columbia jackets and that was a talking point... The Xmas tree cuz it was Christmas time and I felt like drawing one. And her kids name is a dinosaur, cuz ... I think her kid liked to go around acting like one.. like roaring and attacking and stuff, and she liked the Land Before Time movies. I basically like to incorporate as much random shit into my drawings as I can.


So I've been doing some much needed cleaning/sorting, and I came across some slips of paper I stole from a game of Balderdash me and some friends played a looooong time ago. I knew at the time that they had to be recorded into the annals of history.

CED - Certified Educator of the Dead

CED - Carnaly Educated Dolphins

PHCA - Phalic Ham Carving Association

and then just plain ol'

Paleo Fugly


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