So last night was a 2 birthday/bachelor party celebration. Being my first time to a strip joint, it was pretty cool. Plenty o' T&A, and wittle bit o' P. Someone was nice enough to buy me a private dance (as private as you can get with your friends staring on, and NO Kyoko, my face did not look like that). A good group of people showed up, we ate some tasty vittles, caught up on shit, saw some nakedness. All in all, pretty good night. Oh, and I believe Jason and I's stripper baby will be born in October, like most things in a strip club it'll be premature.

Edit - Oh, and another first. I got to be the designated driver. Which I didn't know I was until we were walking to the car. Been a while since I was behind the wheel, still got it.

Firsts, Life

It's O-fish'l

So as of tomorrow I'm another a cog in the wheel. Standard corporate uniform required (dress shoes, pants, shirt, tie). Perks, standard corporate stuff, and I get to bring my dog in (when I get one), and the stuff I'll be making will be used to help sick animals.


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