... WTF Netflix.. seriouslly

I'm starting to think that there isn't some person sitting around looking at my rated movies and deciding for me what I should watch.. that maybe, just maybe, it's some kind of fancy calculator with some even fancier Christmas lights wrapped around it. Now I'm not certain of this.. but I'm starting to think this, I will have to do more research before going to the news.

Bad NetFlix suggestion

Since I have not confirmed the fancy calculator theory as of yet, I've temporarily added Funny Factory/Huey, Dewey, & Louie to my queue.


Light Painting.

I got a new digital camera, and like any new toy I wanted to play with it and see what I could pull off. Here are some tests I did with exposure settings.

Light painting image - 01

Light painting image - 02

What Dis?

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