Building a RetroPie

RetroPie thumb

Consider yourself a gamer, and you're a child of the 80's? This post explains how to build a tiny system to house all your old ROMs so you can once again play all those games from your childhood from the comfort of your couch.

Doctor Who & Batman Pumpkin Carvings

Doctor Who & Batman pumpkin carvings

A friend of my girlfriend had a pumpkin carving party this weekend. So we both went with what we love. She did a Doctor Who inspired carving and I went with Batman. This was the first time we both tried the scraping technique (instead of cutout), and I think we did quite well. It was very time consuming. She got done long before me, took me about 3 hours.

29th Annual Rod Run

Trip to Vancouver Canada

Me and my girlfriend went on our first big trip, and my first trip out of the country. I've always wanted to go to Canada and it was nice actually getting some use out of my passport.

We decided to do the trip up in stages. The first day we both had to work, so we drove up to Lacey WA. and stayed at her parents place. The next day we went up to Seattle and checked out the King Tut exhibit at the science center.

Canada trip image 01

Kite Festival

Went to the Kite Festival at Long Beach Washington. Not really a kite guy, but it was a nice day and it was cool to see all the different types of kites they had out there. Also there were some people doing some pretty cool tricks with them.

Kite Festival image 01

Mini HTPC build

I've had my HTPC downstairs in my living room for about a year now and I've loved it. Upstairs in my bedroom I've been running a MVix media player, and it's been ok but it has it's faults. I've also been spending some time at my girlfriends place and she has DirectTV. I was really digging the ability to start watching something in one room and then move to another room and continue watching. I remembered reading that there was some developmental stuff with XBMC that would allow you to do the same thing but it was difficult to set up.

I did some further research on the matter and found out that the new XBMC build would allow for an easier intall of a shared database.

After I built the new system I found some sites that explained the installation process of Fonz fun_plug for my DNS-343. Took me a little while, but I now have a running MySQL server on the same NAS box that serves up all my media. With that database storing all media info such as thumbnails, what's watched, and where I've paused or stopped videos; I now basically have a homemade DirectTV room-to-room system.. that I can customize to my liking.


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