Personal History

I was born in Roseburg Oregon. A small town that if you were driving to California, I'm sure you've driven through. I've lived primarily in Oregon my whole life, except for a small stint where I lived in Pennsylvania. Moved up to Portland (Oregon), for school, where I attended the Art Institute. And after three years I obtained my Bachelors of Science in Computer Animation.

While I was attending school I was working full-time for Blockbuster. Which for me was a pretty good deal. I've always loved movies, and it was a great resource which allowed me to suck up all sorts of knowledge, and meet some good people along the way. If you ever lived over by PGE Park back before they built that hi-rise, my Blockbuster was the one on the corner where Starbucks is now. You may remember me as the guy that was always chasing after shop lifters.

Work History

Post graduation, I continued working the same day job I had for the 3 years I attended school. I got a couple of contract jobs here and there, but nothing contiguous. After about a year I got out of my day job and started doing contract work full time. I worked for a company called Stardust Interactive and Adherion for a while doing 3D, 2D, web design, pretty much what ever they've needed. Both company's were small and independant so I was lead art guy, and had plenty to do.

After doing stuff for them for a couple years, I did a little contract work at Liquid Development (an outsource company for game assets), and I did some modeling, animation, and effects work. After Liquid I started doing contract / full-time work for a starter company called WakeKite. After a stressful year in '06 the product finally got picked up by HO Hyperlite. That's just the jist of the WakeKite story though, I don't want it to sound like everything just fell into our laps.

More recently I was working for Banfield (the pet hospital), in their main offices. I was originally hired to re-design the look of their in-house learning tool the BLC. After about a month there they realized what I was capable of as far as programming and other skill sets, so I was given more responsibility as far as the overall look and functionality of the projects that followed. It was a fun place to work, lots of nice people, and enough work of varying degrees of difficulty to keep me busy.

Unfortunately thanks to our lovely economy troubles I'm back to doing contract work or whatever comes around. If you find my work interesting and you believe I'd be a good fit for your company, please feel free to contact me. I'm comfortable working on short or long term contract projects either in-house or out, but I'd prefer a full time position if one is available. I've also worked in groups ranging from large, to small, or positions where it's just me that handles the whole project from start to finish.

Either way, I stand behind my work and I always do my best to get the job done right and on time.